Student Government Association

Campbell University's SGA Members are elected by the students. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and the Executive Council are elected in the spring semester proceeding the year of service. Freshmen are elected in the beginning of the fall semester of the year of service. Meetings are open to all students and are noted on the University calendar. Information regarding the Campbell University SGA can be obtained in the SGA office (ext. 1552) located in the basement of Baldwin Hall or by email at [email protected].

The Student Government Association functions as a forum through which students may express their opinions and concerns on matters which affect them. Such expressions are reviewed by the Student Life Committee when passed in the form of resolutions by the Student Congress.

The Student Life Committee may approve or disapprove the resolutions or return them to the Student Congress for further consideration. Approved resolutions, together with the recommendations of the Committee, are forwarded to the appropriate offices. These offices may choose to act or not to act upon the Committee's recommendations. In most instances, the University community has proven quite responsive to Student Government initiatives.

Constitution & Bylaws

Spring 2016 Election Schedule 

February 1st through 5th: Nominations for Executive Board
February 8th: Candidates meeting for Executive Board   
February 17th: Elections
February 29th through March 4th: Nominations for Class Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer
March 14th: Candidates meeting for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer 
March 23rd: Elections
March 28th through April 1st: Nominations for Representatives
April 4th: Candidates meeting for Representatives
April 13th: Elections 

SGA Meetings for Spring 2016:

All are at 7:30pm in Lynch Auditorium unless otherwise noted

January 21st:          Congressional Meeting 

February 4th:          Congressional Meeting
February 18th:        Congressional Meeting

March 3rd:              Congressional Meeting
March 17th:            Congressional Meeting
March 31st:            Congressional Meeting

April 14th:               Congressional Meeting


Executive Cabinet 2015-16

Photo Name & Title Photo Name & Title
  Nick Hudson
  Sue Ann Forrest
Vice President
  Phillip Hedrick 
  Kaylee LaCerda
  Mark Jones
Men’s Community Coordinator
  Stephanie Laird
Women’s Community Coordinator
  Megan Avery
Commuting Students Coordinator

Keith Boyette




Commmittee Chairs

Academics: Garrick King
Advancement: Corrie Lee 
Elections: Logan Sechrist
Rules: Atlas Ryles
Student Affairs: Stephanie Laird and Mark Jones
Student Conduct: Nick Hudson

Senior Class 2015-2016

President: Payton Kelly
Vice President: Cole Harris
Secretary/Treasurer: Alex Royals
Representative: OPEN
Representative: Atlas Ryals
Representative: Tyler Renfroe
Representative: William Miller
Representative; Knox Gibson
Representative: David Overby

Junior Class 2015-16

President: Amy Santos
Vice President: Ryan Holloman
Secretary/Treasurer: Austin Crawford
Representative: Madison Hicks
Representative: Meredith Clark
Representative: Logan Sechrist
Representative: Andrew Lackey
Representative: Alex Wiles
Representative: OPEN

Sophomore Class 2015-16

President: Zane Singletary
Vice President: Gabe Johnson
Secretary/Treasurer: Casidy Havird
Representative: Corrie Lee
Representative: Brianna Mokma
Representative: Garrick King
Representative: Dallas Kivett
Representative: Erica Thomas
Representative: Clotilde Druhen

Freshman Class 2015-2016

President: Karson Fair
Vice President: Jesse McMaster
Secretary/Treasurer: Emily Phipps
Representative: Nicholas LaCerda 
Representative: Parker Gallagher
Representative: Dylan Blackburn
Representative: Madalyn Brooks
Representative: Emily Stallings
Representative: Quinton Edwards