Programs preparing candidates to teaching the secondary, vocational, or K – 12 school settings are housed in the Department of Professional Education within the School of Education.  The Unit offers several programs including:

·        Undergraduate teacher preparatory programs that lead to initial licensure and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in the major area of study;

·        Alternative initial licensure options in specific discipline areas through the

         I + Masters and Initial Licensure Only graduate studies; and

·        A Masters of Education.

Candidates successfully completing the undergraduate K-12,Secondary teacher preparatory programs earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree within their respective major area of study and are eligible, through the state of North Carolina, for  an initial (I-level) licensure to teach one of nine content areas.  The K-12,  and secondary options that are offered include:

  • Secondary, Biology leading to grades 9 -12 licensure;
  • English, leading to grades 9 - 12 licensure;
  • Secondary Mathematics, leading to grades 9 – 12 licensure;
  • K-12 Music Education, leading to K – 12 licensure;
  • K-12 Physical Education, leading to K – 12 licensure;
  • Secondary Social Science (three discipline options of history, social science/government concentration, and social science/history concentration), leading to K – 12 licensure; and
  • K-12 Spanish, leading to K – 12 licensure.

For more information about teacher licensure in these areas, please contact Dr. Ben Greene at [email protected].