From the desk of the dean,
Dr. Karen Nery

Fall semester has come and gone

Tuesday, 24 Feb

Below you’ll find a listing of our faculty, staff, and additional phone numbers.


Name Title Email Ext. Office
Dr. Jutta Street Associate Professor (910) 893-1653 204
Dr. Gary Taylor Department Chairman/Professor (910) 893-1649 205
Dr. Katherine Van Allen Assistant Professor, Psychology (919) 285-3784 206
Dr. John Viehe Adjunct Professor, Psychology (910) 893-1638


Name Title Email Ext. Office
Mrs. Irene Rice Administrative Assistant to the Pshycology and Social Work Programs (910) 893-1638 209
Mrs. Charity Tart Administrative Assistant to the Dean/Undergraduate Programs (910) 893-1631 Rm. 230

Additional Numbers

Name Ext. Office
Computer Lab 1654 Taylor 227
Curriculum Center 1594 CMMC