Emily Manhart

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Campbell Counselor Profile

Emily Manhart
When you visit Campbell, admissions counselors like Emily will take you on a campus tour on one of our golf carts.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

I attended Campbell University, and I studied family and consumer science, with a concentration in child development. Once I graduated and started working in my field, I came back to earn my birth to kindergarten certification.

Why did you choose Campbell University?

(As a student) It was close to home, and I had always heard positive things about Campbell.  Also, my sister was at Campbell when I decided to attend, and I knew that she really enjoyed it.

When did you start working in Admissions at Campbell?

August 2011

What is the best part of your job?

The variety. As a counselor, I am able to travel, work in the office, and tour families around campus. I like to meet with the families face-to-face and talk with them. Sometimes they share stories, and we find common interests, such as places we like to visit for vacations.

What is your favorite thing about Campbell?

I really love the environment at Campbell. Not only is it a Christian environment, but everyone on campus is friendly.

What do you look for in a student?

I look for personality in a student. I like to talk and interact with students. It’s difficult to know what a student thinks about campus if he/she doesn’t communicate with me. I love for the parents to talk too, but I don’t want them to give me all of the feedback. I want students to share how they feel about campus, the residence halls, their interests, what clubs/sports/activities they want to participate in on campus, and their career aspirations.

What do you enjoy about the travel aspect of your job?

I really enjoy meeting people. While traveling, I meet prospective students at high schools during college fairs. Then, later on when the students visit campus, I am able to see them again, which is always great. Traveling also enables me to meet counselors from other schools and get ideas from them that I can bring back to apply here at Campbell.

If you were explaining the importance of being involved on campus to a student, what would you say?

It’s very important to become involved on campus because you will regret it later on if you are not involved.  I commuted my first year and half, and even when I moved to on-campus housing, I didn’t put myself out there as far as getting involved in clubs and organizations. Now, when I hear current counselors talking about Welcome Week or Family Weekend, I don’t have any memories to share about those events because I didn’t participate in them.

Campus involvement will also help students when they go into the workforce, with their resumes and job applications. It will make them more well-rounded individuals when they apply for positions. Being involved on campus also allows students to make life-long friends.


Good afternoon, Ms. Thompson! I spoke with Emily, and she sent you an e-mail this morning. Please let us know if you do not receive the e-mail or if you have any more questions!

Thanks so much!

Meagan Williford
Electronic Media Administrator
Campbell University Undergraduate Admissions

By Meagan Williford on September 27, 2013 - 2:06pm


You met with students at Midway High School last week.  My sons, Jordan and Justin Thompson, were both awarded the Presidential Scholarship for $13,500 and the $1,500 Administrative Scholarship award.  Justin received his official notification letter from the Assistant VP for Admissions; however, Jordan has not received his official notification.  Could you please have his admissions award forwarded as well.  .

You can reach me at (910) 567-5351 (H) or (919) 971-5632 (cell).  Thank you.

Becky Thompson

By Becky Thompson on September 26, 2013 - 8:30pm

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Counselor Quick Facts

Hometown: Lillington, North Carolina
Regions covered: Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Sampson
Favorite spot on campus: Elizabeth Wells Fountain
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with my husband and family
Role model: My mother
Favorite author: Shel Silverstein
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