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Enrollment Deposits

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Submitting your Enrollment Deposit is a two step process. First, you must complete the enrollment deposit form. Second, you must submit the $250 deposit, along with the deposit form. If you plan to live on campus, you must also submit the housing agreement. Both the enrollment deposit form and housing agreement were included in your acceptance package. If you would rather complete these steps online, you may do so via the links below.

Complete the Enrollment Deposit Form »
Pay the Enrollment Deposit » (then click Undergraduate Deposit)

To use our online payment system, you will need your Student ID#. Note that your Student ID# must be 7 digits. You may have been given your ID# in a 6 digit format. Simply add a zero at the beginning of your 6 digit ID and it should work. For the password, use your birth date in the form of MMDDYY.

What the Enrollment Deposit Is

The enrollment deposit is an amount of money that is specifically paid to reserve your space at Campbell University. The University requests that all admitted students pay $250 for an enrollment deposit. The enrollment deposit:

  • Reserves your space in the classroom
  • Puts your name on the Housing List (if you plan to live on campus)
  • Lets the college know that you are still interested in attending
  • Is refundable until May 1st per a written request for refund

What the Enrollment Deposit Isn’t

The enrollment deposit isn’t a fee over and above tuition. That $250 is credited towards the tuition for your first semester of school. So in addition to everything listed above, the enrollment deposit is also the first investment in your future.

Why the Enrollment Deposit Is Important

The enrollment deposit is important because it lets the University know to hold your space. Without paying the enrollment deposit, you cannot be added to the Housing List. This delay can cause problems if you have a specific housing request or have specified a roommate preference. Housing assignments are first-come, first-served, so the earlier the Admissions Office gets the deposit, the more likely your housing requests can be honored.

Also, the enrollment deposit allows the University to plan for your attendance. It makes sure things are set up for you such as email access and access to library resources.

If you’ve been accepted and haven’t paid your deposit yet, please complete the Enrollment Deposit Form:
Continue to the Enrollment Deposit Form »

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