Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management major is designed to provide academic skills and professional training through required internships. A typical person considering a career in healthcare management is an individual with a strong desire to help others, genuine concern for the welfare of his/her clients, and an ability to deal with people of diverse background in a challenging and rapidly evolving industry.

Rapidly changing demographics in U.S. and N.C., coupled with new advancements in information and medical technologies, complex regulatory environment, new public health policy initiatives/mandates, dynamism of healthcare delivery systems in both private and public sectors and the latest public attitude toward wellness in general and long-term health care in particular are among a number of healthcare industry key drivers that call for an increasingly larger number of clever healthcare management professionals that can simultaneously improve quality and efficiency of healthcare organizations nationwide.

Program Overview

Healthcare Management  
Philosophy of Business BADM 300
Principles of Marketing BADM 313
Corporate Finance BADM 314
Business Communication BADM 336
Quantitative Methods BADM 345
Healthcare Organization HCM 310
Healthcare Management HCM 311
Healthcare Law HCM 330
Healthcare Quality HCM 350
Healthcare Finance HCM 410
Healthcare Policy HCM 440
Healthcare Internship HCM 490

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